Air Suspension GVM Upgrade

Increase comfort, drivability and safety with a Semi or Full Air Suspension GVM Upgrade.

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Semi 2C Air Suspension Kit

VB-SemiAir is a simple adjustable solution for suspension and GVM enhancement whilst still complimenting the vehicles original suspension system. On a vehicle with leaf springs, an air spring is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle. The use of a dual chamber system allows left and right to be adjusted separately, enabling the vehicle to be levelled, even when it is loaded unevenly.

Full 2C Air Suspension Kit

VB Full Air 2C is a rear suspension overhaul to an electronically self-managing suspension system. This premium suspension system is designed to facilitate the drivers ride requirements, then operate as a standalone system to monitor the vehicle and adjust where necessary for road unevenness and stability, to maintain both a comfortable and safe ride.

Overview of GVM Parts Changes

VB Semi Air 2C

An additional air bag system fitted between the leaf spring and the axle for heavy load support.

VB Full Air 2C

The existing leaf spring suspension is replaced with a electronic controlled levelling full air bag suspension. This includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, air compressors and ECU.

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